HYPER FOIL Starboard 2019 News

noviembre 8, 2018
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noviembre 8, 2018 nacho alvarez

HYPER FOIL Starboard 2019 News

SUP dedicado al FOIL


Starboard se sale con esta gama dedicada exclusivamente para FOIL, la HYPER FOIL con cuatro medidas para elegir.

  • 7’7″ x 30″
  • 7’2″ x 27.5″
  • 6’6″ x 30″
  • 6’4″ x 25″

La combinación de un perfil corto y compacto, un fondo de canal distinto y un perfil grueso lo convierten en una plataforma para el aprendizaje de nivel básico y  para hacer frente a los riders más exigentes. Numerosos viajes de prueba a Bali, Phuket y las pruebas continuas en Hawai han formado una gama que sobresale en todo tipo de condiciones, desde agua plana, olas y downwind.



7’7” X 30″

Length: 7’7” / 231 cm.

Width: 30” / 76 cm.

Ultra-stable board that serves a dual purpose: a winner for those learning and needing a stable and wide platform, yet a high-performance and progressive board for heavier riders. 

Being the longest in the range, the extra length makes it easier to catch waves with speed, making it easier to get up with less pressure required to get the lift.

Available technologies:

  • Blue Carbon
  • Starlite




7’2” X 27.5” 

Length: 7’2” / 218 cm. Width: 27.5” / 70 cm.

The 7’2” gives extra glide and speed from the longer length and narrower width. The extra length makes it easier to paddle into waves with speed which helps to get up foiling quickly. It is also faster to paddle back out to catch more waves. The narrower width reduces theail from catching or slowing down during manoeuvres.

Available technologies:

  • Blue Carbon
  • Starlite






6’6” X 30″

Length: 6’6” / 198 cm.

Width: 30” / 76 cm.

A highly stable board in a short compact size, perfect for riders wanting short board performance with added comfort and stability. Short length makes it possible to control the board with little movement needed to trim the foil angle. The 30” width combined with the full nose outline and thick rails makes it possible to drop down in size yet maintain stability for heavier riders.

Available technologies:

  • Blue Carbon
  • Starlite


6’4” X 25”

Length: 6’4” / 193 cm. Width: 25” / 64 cm.

Being the shortest in the range, the 6’4” is suited for higher skilled and lighter riders. The short length makes it easier to trim the board from the centre without needing to make big movements, giving more central control to adjust the foil and trim. Narrowest width makes it possible to do more radical turns without the rails hitting the water which would slow you down.

Available technologies:

  • Blue Carbon
  • Starlite


7’7″ x 30″ HYPER FOIL

7’2″ x 27.5″ HYPER FOIL 6’6″ x 30″ HYPER FOIL 6’4″ x 25″ HYPER FOIL
Length (imperial) 7’7” 7’2” 6’6” 6’4”
Length (cm) 231


218 cm 198 cm 193 cm
Width (imperial) 30″ 27.5″ 30″ 25″
Width (cm) 76 cm 70 cm 76 cm 64 cm
Thickness (imperial) 4.1″ 4.4″ 4.3″ 4.1″
Thickness (cm) 10.4 cm 11.1 cm 10.8 cm 10.4 cm
Tail Width (Imperial) 23.8″ 23.6″ 24.4″ 21.2″
Tail Width (cm) 60.5 cm 60 cm 62.1 cm 53.8 cm
Volume 137 L 125 L 116 L 92 L
Rider Weight 60-120 kg 60-105 kg 50-95 kg 50-85 kg
Fin Set Up Foil Foil Foil Foil
Weight Blue Carbon 8.8 kg 8.3 kg 8.2 kg 7.3 kg
Weight Starlite 9.7 kg 9.1 kg 8.9 kg 7.9 kg




















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